Who we are

About Murmur

Proudly Independent

We’re an award-winning, independent creative agency operating globally while based in Johannesburg, South Africa. We specialise in building unique and memorable brands that defy conventions.

The Art of The Irregular®

We believe bravery gets rewarded with ground-breaking innovation. Our philosophy drives us to create things, designs, images, sounds and videos that the world has never experienced before.

The Difference

We can do many things differently. But we want to do, most of all, is make a difference. Which is why we will only ever put meaningful, innovative ideas out there.
No bullshit and no fluff.

What We Do


Using our proprietary Value Impact Thinking™ model, we get to the heart of what makes your brand unique, ownable and valuable.

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  • The Living Brand

    We approach brands as living organisms that constantly evolve. In doing so, we cater for change, meaning fewer drastic changes over time, and more future-fit solutions for your brand.

  • Brand Positioning

    All good branding starts with good positioning. Whether you’re a global tech brand, or a vegan restaurant. The brand positioning informs everything we do, and we don’t do anything without sound strategy.

  • Brand Architecture

    Understanding the business structure is one thing, but understanding the brand structure helps us create brands that are relevant and, more importantly, prepped for growth.

  • Stakeholder Alignment

    You might love what we propose, but we know sometimes there are boards, partners, stakeholders and bosses that also need to be convinced. Part of our job is ensuring everyone is onboard and everyone is on the same page.

  • Communications Strategy

    How a brand gets communicated both internally and externally can make or break a brand strategy. We specialise in building a comms platform that will help your brand say the right things, to the right people, at the right time.

  • Nomenclature

    What’s in a name? Well...a lot actually. Brand naming is one of our specialities. We approach nomenclature from a strategic angle, checking everything from memorability to .com-ability.


From branding to advertising and packaging. We apply sound, strategic thinking to create bespoke, impactful design solutions.

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  • Brand Identity

    Our bread and butter. We believe a brand is much more than just a logo on a page. It captures your personality, your story and what people feel about you. We love creating brands that defy conventions, and position clients in a category of one.

  • Advertising

    From fully fledged campaigns, to one off stunts, we know how to bring brands to life beyond a business card. We build deep understandings of your audience, then see how and where we can push the boundaries to get people talking.

  • Packaging

    We’ve packaged everything from food, pharmaceuticals and promotional gifts. We also provide piece of mind by constantly keeping up to date with print techniques and the latest legislation.

  • Brand Activations

    Introducing your brand is as important as designing it to begin with. Whether you want to start with a bang or a slight nudge, we craft activation solutions that support your brand strategy.

  • Copywriting

    The difference between “nothing is impossible” and “impossible is nothing” lies in the art of copywriting. We work with a team of some of the best writers across the globe to ensure your brand not only looks great, but sounds great too.

  • Brand Extension

    The adjacent possible. It is part of what drives The Art of the Irregular®. We not only look at what we can do for your brand, but also which markets we can target beyond your expected channels.


To corporate, agency and client. Our collective knowledge spans more than 40 years, across some of the biggest brands in the world.

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  • Murmur U™

    A new offering from the creators of Murmur that focuses on creative literacy. We assist learners, brand managers and agencies with brand principles, in order to grow the understanding of what makes a great brand.

  • Brand Sustainability

    We don’t pretend to be green and eco- friendly (though we’re trying our hardest!). What we do focus on, however, is a sustainable brand process. That means getting it right first time, minimising time spent on reverts and minimizing unnecessary costs to client.

  • Brand Audits

    We might not be the agency to do the work for you, but we can definitely help unpack your brand and provide detailed feedback report on where the brand is succeeding, or what can be improved upon.

  • Corporate Speaking

    Beyond training in Murmur U™, we also engage in corporate speaking on topics relating to branding and design. Our messages are tailored to your business, and our goal is to inspire and spark conversation and thinking.

  • Bespoke Training

    Maybe our packages are a bit too broad, or maybe our talks aren’t as detailed as you prefer. Maybe you’ve got a swanky new in-house design team that just needs a bit of guidance. Either way, we can build a training package that is tailor-made to your business needs.

  • Lecturing

    Sharing knowledge is one of our passions. We want to grow our creative industry, as much as we grow Murmur. From secondary to tertiary and business level, we have a long history of teaching and aiding in creative education.



Mercedes Benz
Land Rover
Gondwana Collection
Design Indaba
South African Airways

Tiger Brands
Alexander Forbes
MiWay Insurance
ICC Cricket World Cup

VS Gaming
Vox Telecom
South Point
Time & Tide Resorts
Slow Lounge
Coca Cola

Sun International
Qatar Tourism
SA Tourism Board
Kansai Plascon
Rand Refinery
Airports Company SA
Virgin Mobile


Sunrise Express
Amani Business
Moxie Move

Chaos Theory
Good Things Guy
Grid Worldwide
Roth Media

Metropolitan Republic
King James II
The Odd Number
Andrew Hector
Mandy Wiener Media



We’re not exactly awards driven. We believe true value is drawn from great work that WORKS for our clients‘ brand. Having said that, between us we’ve judged, won or been shortlisted for the following awards over the years.