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Writing the next chapter for South Africa’s #1 provider of Wills and Estates

Having built their business from one client to over half a million wills drafted over the course of 10 years, Capital Legacy decided to use this landmark anniversary to take the next step in their brand growth. Our approach was to help them refine their strategic approach, and refine their purpose from a very functional one, to a very human one. The focus was shifted from the person getting the will, to the legacy they will be leaving behind. This approach was captured in the brand essence of “Working for What Comes Next”, which also informed the redesigned visual language, as well as the tone of voice and copywriting. The brand was moved away from the dark, heavy blues, toward bright yellows and optimistic imagery, to represent life and the celebration thereof. A graphic language was built off the simple image of “steps” in the brandmark, creating a dynamic visual language that could easily be translated into patterns, icons, graphics and UI elements to bring the brand to life.

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